How to earn AA Platinum status in 2 weeks!

American Elite Status challenges are back! After taking a short break while changes to the AAdvantage programme were announced, AA frequent flyers can once again earn Gold or Platinum status with a 3 month challenge. The requirements are simple:

Gold Challenge – earn 7,000 elite qualifying miles in 90 days + $100

Platinum Challenge – earn 12,000 elite qualifying miles in 90 days + $200

If you are just returning from a trip, it’s worth knowing that American backdated my challenge by 2 weeks. I flew GLA-LHR-MIA-BNA 10 days ago, so this made all the difference. The agent took a few minutes to key in the segments and I’m now just 1,000 miles short.

Here’s our January & February itinerary:

map (1)
From zero to Platinum in 2 weeks

Some codeshare flights are accepted – in our case, over half of our travel is on BA metal but counts all the same. If you are unsure, just ask the agent when you call and they will check each segment for you.

Gold or Platinum status will be granted upon completion of the challenge and is valid through February 2016. Until then, Platinum passengers can enjoy benefits including lounge access on international trips, 2 free bags, a 100% mileage bonus, priority boarding, better access to upgrades and a good deal more.

How to check if your travel will qualify

  1. Go to Here, you can key in your itinerary and it will display the miles you are expected to fly.
  2. Then go to AA’s website and check how many Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs) you will earn per mile flown based on your fare class. Select which airline you are flying and it will show the EQM chart. Here is the chart for flights on AA, notice how EQMs range from 3x to 1x based on the fare class. On some partners, EQMs per mile can be lower, at 0.5x. Again, if you are unsure, just call and ask!

    EQM chart for flights on AA

So, if you are going to be travelling 7,000 or 12,000 miles over the next 3 months it’s time to get on the phone!


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